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Upwell Scaffolding: West, East, Central, South Auckland and North Shore. We focus on residential scaffolding set-up and rental. For a timely, free, no-obligation Auckland scaffolding hire quote, contact us on 021387991.


UPWELL Scaffolding Hire Auckland is a plan, design, set up and dismantle all included scaffolding hire company in Auckland. UPWELL Scaffolding Auckland offers fixed-price services, free quotes, fast delivery, fast set-up, and dismantling. Our staff are all site safety certificated, trained, experienced, and qualified.

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Standard Scaffolding Hire Prices

6 bay scaffolding

6 Bays:
Length: 2.4×6=14.4m
Size: 86.4m2
Price: $1,296
Rent: $117/w

two levels 8 bays scaffolding

8 Bays:
Length: 2.4×8=19.2m
Size: 115.2m2
Price: $1,728
Rent: $156/w

10 Bays:
Size: 144.0m2
Price: $2,160
Rent: $194/w

12 Bays:
Length: 2.4×12=28.8m
Size: 172.8m2
Price: $2,592
Rent: $233/w

14 Bays:
Length: 2.4×14=33.6m
Size: 201.6m2
Price: $3,024
Rent: $272/w

16 bays scaffolding

16 Bays:
Length: 2.4×16=38.4m
Size: 230.4m2
Price: $3,456
Rent: $311/w

18 bays scaffolding

18 Bays:
Length: 2.4×18=43.2m
Size: 259.2m2
Price: $3,888
Rent: $345/w

20 Bays:
Length: 2.4×20=48.0m
Size: 288.0m2
Price: $4,320
Rent: $389/w

Built by 48.3mm/3-4mm galvanized steel tubes and timber planks; the Height to the top layer of planks is 4-4.4m, and the railing is 1.0m, reaching 6-6.4m. Width is 3 planks 0.225m x 3 = 0.675m. All-access gates and ladders included. Prices are GST exclusive; Rent is charged upon completion with a safety tag, to be paid every 4 weeks. 

What Does Scaffolding Cost in Auckland?
Scaffolding Costs & Scaffolding Hire Prices in Auckland

UPWELL Scaffolding Hire offers fixed price quotes for all our scaffolding hire and rental in Auckland, including transports, erection, dismantling, and safety tags. Our quotation comes with a drawing diagram to make sure we both understand the requirements and usage; Cost of scaffolding is divided into erection and rental. Erection and dismantle are usually calculated together per m2Setup/Dismiss Cost: UPWELL Scaffolding offers $18.50+GST. Hire Cost: $1.50+GST per m2 per week.

How to calculate the scaffolding square meters

1. for an existing house it is house height x length; you can divide it into different sections, to sum up.
2. for a new build you can easily work out the area size according to the Building Consent; If you need edge protectors and higher handrails, these are typically charged extra. 
Factors Affecting Your Scaffolding Price

1. Restricting public access – if your project requires scaffolding on a public road or footpath, you’ll need to ask permission from Auckland Council, and there are likely to be costs involved. 
2. Ease of access – if we can get the frame up quickly and efficiently, then costs will be low. If the scaffolding needs to be manoeuvred through tight passages or even through the building, then the cost will go up.

Scaffolding Size Calculation Sample One: (recommended)

length x-height, (multiple sections added up) = total scaffold area m2 (320 m2 for example)

$18.5 per m2 for transportation, setup, and dismantling.
Scaffold Setup Cost: 320 m2 x $18.5 = $5,920+gst
Scaffolding Hire Cost: $1.5 / m2 / week. It is $480+gst/week as a rental cost. If you use it for 10 weeks, the total rental cost will be $480 x 10 =$4,800+gst
Total Cost: $5,920+gst for set up; $4,800+gst for 10 weeks rental.

Scaffolding Size Calculation Sample Two: (only for general cost estimates) 

In the above building consent, unit 1-4: Unit 1 = 196 m2 ; Unit 2 = 180.50 m2 ; Unit 3 = 188.60 m2 ; Unit 4 = 206.10 m2

Cost of scaffolding around Unit 1 = 196 m2 x 1.3 = 254.80 m2
(Ratio of 1.3 is an experienced based general proportion between building area and scaffold area)
Scaffold set up cost: 254.80 m2 x $18.5 = $3,822 + gst.

Scaffolding Rental cost: 254.80 m2 x $1.5/week = $382.20 / week.

Hiring vs Buying?

Buying Cost of One Bay Scaffolding – Gear List:

  • Tube: 61 meters
  • Planks: 6 x 3m
  • Base: 4
  • Sole Board: 4
  • Double: 16
  • Single: 12
  • Swivel: 4
  • Market Value: $1,130 

Hire vs. Buy Value Ratio: $19.44/$1,130=1.72%

BaysWidthSize (m2)PriceRent/W
Why our scaffolding hire price can be lower than others companies in Auckland?

Upwell Scaffolding Auckland offers fixed-price services, free quote, fast delivery, fast set up, and dismantling all around Auckland: North Shore, West, Central, East and South Auckland.

  1. Zero Advertising: We do not do advertising at all. Businesses come from natural searches, retaining customers and word of mouth.
  2. No Yard Rent: We do not spend so much on expensive storage and yard rental.
  3. Cheaper Scaffolds: We use a cheaper tube and clamp scaffolding system.
  4. Fewer Transporation Costs: In each load, we can transport much more than the Ringlock system, which means much less transportation and loading labour costs.
  5. Less Lost: We calculate well for each job to make sure we only transport exact numbers of gears, and to take back balance gears rather than leave them on-site, which is going to generate possible losses.
  6. Higher rotation: We try to only move gears from one job to the other, rather than sending them back to the yard, which saves almost half of the total handling cost. To achieve this, we quote lower. It benefits our customers as well.